Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk
Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk

Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk

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The CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk differentiates itself from a traditional gaming desk. It is a desk not only made for gaming and working, but highly professional for cycling esports.

CYCLEDESK 100 can meet different usage scenarios; what's more, it can provide intelligent control. With the exclusive smart control unit and RGB desk mobile app, users can easily adjust the desk height and set up individual mood-lighting effects. Additionally, CYCLEDESK 100 can also remember your desk settings and adjust the height according to your schedule. Those features make CYCLEDESK 100 a desk that can perfectly fit into your life.

Redefine Your Indoor Lifestyle

The CYCLEDESK 100 is not just an ordinary gaming desk, it is designed for a variety of different usage scenarios: Cycling Esports, Gaming stations, and Workplaces. Only one desk that can meet all your indoor usage needs.

Made for Cycling eSPORTS

CYCLEDESK 100 is a professional adjustable bike trainer fitness desk. You can choose to use your desktop, laptop, or tablet to watch your favorite motivational videos or run cycling apps while familiarizing your bike trainer with its pace.

Made for Gaming

The compact desktop space can accommodate all your gaming equipment. Also, the free height control and excellent mobility provides you with more diverse usage patterns. Level up your professional gaming experiences with CYCLEDESK 100!

Made for Work

Our height-adjustable desk provides an ergonomic workspace for you. You can freely adjust the height of the desktop according to your work needs. Let’s say goodbye to long sitting and enjoy the health benefits of a height-adjustable desk.

TT Smart Control Unit
Makes Everything Possible.
TT Smart Control Box is the heart of the CYCLEDESK 100, makes it not only a desk, but smarter than you think. With this small box, you can control your desk directly and stably on your phone or PC via WiFi. Also, the powerful MCU can remember your desk settings and usage habits, and will automatically adjust your desk according to your needs.
Exclusive RGB Desk Mobile App
Let’s You Do Anything You Want.
iTAKE Engine Software
Make Control Easier Than Ever.
CYCLEDESK 100 provides a smarter and easier way to adjust your Smart desk. You can easily set the desk height from 72~117cm and quickly switch 4 profiles of desk height. Manually, via PC using the iTake Software and through our RGB desk mobile app with TT smart control unit via Wi-Fi.
  • 72cm (28.3”)
  • 117cm (46”)
Light Up And Express Yourself.

The CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk comes with a RGB Lighting Strip. Customize, control and sync lighting effects via the Thermaltake RGB desk mobile app or iTAKE engine software. Take it a step further and choose between 4 different lighting effect settings coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed.

Every Adjustment Just Works.
Utilizes a 6-button controller for easy operations along with digital display board that shows accurate height adjustments. The smart controller panel can set up to 4 height memory settings, so users can store and conveniently switch to their desired height setting with a push of a button.
No Matter What, Safety First.
Space Is No Longer Restricted.
Every Detail Matters.
Made for Cycling eSPORTS
Recommended Measurements
  • Height Range
    28.3” – 46” (72cm – 117cm)
  • Weight
    132 Ibs (60kg)
More Information
Model Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk
Motor Voltage:Input 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A Output 29V, 2.5A
Speed:38mm/s ±5mm (0-60kg)
Motor:Single motor with stage lifting system
Duty cycle:10%. Max 2 mins on/ 18 mins off.
Safety certifications:Motor: CE / UL / TUV
Controller:Standard 2-Button and Memory 4-Button
spec_Frame Size:80cm(L) x 50cm(W) / 31.49"(L) x 19.68"(W)
Height range:72cm ~117cm / 28.3" ~ 46"
Foot size:59.6 cm(L) x 58 cm(W) x 5 cm(H) 23.46"(L) x 22.83"(W) x 1.96"(H)
Max Load:60 kg / 132.27 lb
Material:Steel-constructed frame for max stability
Cable management:Yes
spec_Desktop Size:80cm(L) x 50cm(W) / 31.49"(L) x 19.68"(W)
Desktop thickness:1.8cm / 0.71"
Material:MDF desktop - premium material with anti-scratch / high-pressure Laminate P2
Scratch coating:Yes
Table feet material:Iron
spec_RGB LED Lighting Strip LED color:16.8 million colors, Software:iTAKE Gaming Engine, Input voltage:5V
Others Top finish:Black
Frame color:Black

Shipping dimensions:
84.5(L) x 63.5(W) x 23.3(H) cm
33.26(L) x 24.99(W) x 9.17(H) inch

Warranty:2 year warranty(desktop, motor, frame, controller.

User Manual

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Drivers & Software

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  • TT iTAKE 32bit
  • 1.Support the X1 RGB gaming keyboard.
    2.Fixed ARGENT P900 and LUMI PLUS V2 lighting effect error issue.
    3.Fixed the lighting effect “Snake” error.
    4.Minor bug fixes and system performance.
  • V1.5.9
  • 2022-12-16